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Amy Walter

Host, Politics With Amy Walter

Photo of Amy Walter by Matthew Septimus

Amy Walter is the former host of POLITICS WITH AMY WALTER on the Friday edition of The Takeaway on WNYC.

Amy Walter on Meet The Press

Amy Walter is a frequent guest on NBC’s Meet the Press (and MTP Daily) with Chuck Todd.

Cook Political Report Team

Cook Political Report, 2015

Charlie Cook, Editor and Publisher of The Cook Political Report, founded his well-read newsletter in 1984, and currently leads a top-notch team that includes Amy Walter, National Editor; Jennifer Duffy, Senior Editor; and David Wasserman, House Editor & Political Analyst.

“Few political analysts have a longer track record of success than the tight-knit team that runs the Cook Political Report… Founded in 1984… political junkies have relied on Cook’s forecasts for years and have rarely had reason to be disappointed with their results.” — Nate Silver, The Signal and the Noise

The Cook Political Report is an independent, non-partisan online newsletter that analyzes elections and campaigns for the US House of Representatives, US Senate, Governors and President. The team digs deep into each and every political contest, interviewing candidates and campaign consultants, analyzing data and looking at broader electoral trends. Subscribers to the report include lobbyists, trade associations, corporations, labor unions, Members of Congress, political action committees and interest groups across the political spectrum. All have come to rely upon The Cook Political Report for objective information and analysis without any partisan or political agenda.

“…a newsletter that both parties regard as authoritative.” – New York Times

Learn more about subscribing to The Cook Political Report to have early access to the team’s analysis, candidate rankings and top-line poll numbers.

Politics Monday on PBS NewsHour

Amy is a regular commentator, offering reporting analysis on Politics Monday every Monday night on PBS NewsHour. In the 2016 Presidential cycle, she has also appeared frequently as a key analyst on PBS NewsHour’s Election Night Coverage specials.