On Air

Amy Walter has made a name for herself as one of the best on air political journalists covering Washington today. She is the National Editor of The Cook Political Report where she provides analysis of the issues, trends and events that shape the political environment and is a regular commentator across network broadcast, cable, radio and other digital media sources.

She is a regular on air analyst for Politics Monday and Election Night Coverage on PBS NewsHour; and she makes regular appearances on a wide range of popular national political shows, including NBC’s Meet the Press, CBS’s Face the Nation, FOX News’ FOX News Sunday and Special Report, PBS’s Washington Week with Gwen Ifill, and the Friday Round Up on The Diane Rehm Show. She has also appeared on NPR’s All Things Considered, Morning Edition, and On Point; CNN’s State of the Union; ABC’s This Week; and various MSNBC programs (MTP Daily, Andrea Mitchell Reports, The Daily Rundown, and Hard Ball with Chris Matthews). She has also filled in for Gwen on occasion as a guest host on Washington Week with Gwen Ifill.